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A patriotic American term for après ski drinks, meant to show disdain for the French. Used by the same people who say freedom fries, pardon my freedom, freedom toast, and freedom mistake. Means a beer consumed after a day of skiing or snowboarding.
Pierre: "After we finish ze ski-ing, what do you say we all go grab an apres ski glass of ze Bordeaux?"
Katie: "That sounds great, Pierre."
Bob: "What?!? How dare you, you French sympathizer?!? Let's ditch this surrender monkey and go grab a freedom beer. I've got a whole case of 90 Minute back at my place with your name on it. Brewed in the good ol' USA. Screw France!"
Katie: "Ok, good point. I'll go with you instead. Sorry, Frenchy."
by Nicholas D December 29, 2009
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