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Synonym to free yard. However, is separate by the fact that citykids may sometimes use the phrase 'free crib' seeing as only a small amount of them actually own yards.

Free Crib is unrelated to price/cost of home.

Free Crib is when some one that prevents you from holding a certain activity is out/away, and you're enabled to host that activity.

Could mean:
a) parents
b) spouse/partner
c) grumpy roommate
A) "You wanna smoke blunts later? I got free crib for a bit, my moms at an AA meeting."
B) "Monica, I got free crib, Hilary's on a business trip."
C) "The doommate's left the building."
"Well if you've got free crib, I wouldn't mind trashing the place or framing burglary."
"You'd do that for me? You're so swell."
by GotAFreeCrib July 07, 2009
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