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A city that is stuck between Northern Virginia and Richmond (Southern Virginia) and is also known as "Back in the Bushes" (Spotsylvania County). Home of the worst shopping center ever built, Central Park. A place where the women like to wear tight clothing regardless if they are thin or fat (most of them are fat rednecks). It also has a lot of Civil War history which the people of the city (Rednecks) are damn proud of. I would also like to point out that this is a place where the mullet lives and lesbians thrive.
"Hey man, let's go hang out at Walmart in Central Park."
"Is that the shopping center in Fredericksburg, VA?"
"No thanks. It's bad enough I have to drive in traffic and fight idiots on 95 on the way to work in the morning to that other state (NoVA)."
by IH8NOVA March 25, 2007
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