Total idiot that supporters claim is the next "Ronald Reagan". The only thing Fred Thompson and Ronald Reagan have in common is that they were both male actors, and both referred to that country East of Europe as "The Soviet Union" (but at least with Reagan in the 1980's, it actually was The Soviet Union).

Fred Thompson was instrumental in passage of the Mccain-Feingold Law restricting free speech. Fred Thompson puts audiences to sleep, and has no understanding of current events.

He waffles on protecting the 2nd amendment, and was a Washington Lobbyist for a pro-abortion group. (When asked about this, he lied claiming no ties, and when presented with documented proof, he claimed he had "no recollection").

His claim to fame isn't anything he did as a US Senator. Rather as a bit actor on NBC's Law and Order. I don't think Fred Thompson's heart is in the race for President, as he has no enthusiasm, and his speeches are lackluster. It's probably more his trophy wife Jeri who is pushing his Presidential bid.
Fred Thompson has no grasp of the issues, and when asked about issues, he uses vague generalities that leave you scratching your head.
by DavidN October 11, 2007
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Former Senator of Tennesse. Later turned Actor for the show "Law and Order" and has starred in various roles in movies such as Die Hard 2 etc. Overall, is the next Ronald Reagan and is the savior of Republican ideals that have been going down in the toilet for the last 10 odd years. Running for President, and you should vote for him.
I'm voting for Fred Thompson, mother.
Fucking sweet son, same here.
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1) God

2) The Actor who appeared in films such as "Baby's Day Out" (as the FBI Agent), "The Hunt For Red October" (as the admiral of the USS Enterprise, and more recently, Law & Order.
When Fred Thompson empties his pistol at the firing range, it reloads itself out of respect.
by Sir Andrew May 6, 2007
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