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In a University with a large and/or popular greeklife system, "fratland" is the general area where all fraternity houses are stationed and connected, forming a region run/owned by greeklife. This land is particularly referred to as "fratland" on thursday, friday, and saturday nights in particular when the houses get occupied/stormed by sorority girls and other girls looking to party. At "fratland" they will go to various different frat parties or socials. This is the place they will refer to as their place of letting loose, where they will party, get belligerently drunk, take drugs, hookup, and basically do things that they wouldn't do outside "fratland". "fratland" is the home of greeklife.
Sarah: We just woke up and it's 4:30pm already!! What happened last night!?
Jen: I don't know, we walked into fratland, then.... i don't know...
Sarah: I am such a mess, and so hungover... What is this weird spot on my mouth!??!?!? Ahhhhh!!
by sundawn7992 October 19, 2011
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