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Not exactly GDI., not exactly in a fraternity. You live a GDI lifestyle. The frat bros love you so much and tried to get you to rush so hard. Even though you're not in a frat, you have frat friends, party, play a frat sport, fuck sorority girls, and do frat related shit. But you're clear that you draw the line you're not involved with Greek life. You're in small but chill category. You know when to take things serious or to go hard partying. You're frat affiliated.
Zach: "Yo, John just threw this huge ass party at his crib!"
Chris: "That nigga John is cool as fuck! Isn't he apart of Kappy Bitch Alpha?"
Zach: "No man, he's GDI. He's just frat affiliated.
by It's Nothing November 29, 2013
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