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Franchise whoring is a type of corporate greed. It is defined as the act of slapping a well known name on a somewhat lackluster product. This is very prominent in the video game market, where companies such as Square-Enix will slap "Final Fantasy 7" or "Kingdom Hearts" on a product completely unrelated with the exception that they include one or two characters from the original, successful product.

Other specific cases of franchise whoring include:

Hyrule Warriors
Halo Wars
Every game with "Final Fantasy 7" that isn't Final Fantasy 7.
Every game based on a movie
Every movie based on a game
Every Kingdom Hearts game that isnt Kingdom Hearts 1 or 2.
The new Kingdom Hearts 24/7/69/420 game is a stretch from the first game... Squenix is REALLY whoring out their franchise to make a quick buck...

Ever since Square and Enix merged, most of the shit that has come out the pipe has been franchise whoring
by the REAL toasty October 20, 2015
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