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A person who is in-tune with his or her inner intelligence (inner voice); conscious of the fact that their external experience is a reflection of their inner being.

Fractal dwelling is also synonymous with psychonauting and anything that involves dwelling outside of the boundaries set up by the Control System and indeed, their own egoic self. To the architects of control, the elitists of the world, a fractal dweller is a "dangerous man"; a man who knows the difference between the illusion of freedom and true freedom.

Famous fractal dwellers include William S Burroughs, Terence McKenna, Philip K Dick, Ken Kesey, Jack Kerouac, Carlos Castaneda, Robert Anton Wilson, Ram Dass, Alan Watts, Stanislav Grof and Rick Strassman.
"transcendental fractal dweller Alan Watts once said that, "the Universe is like a giant Rorschach ink-blot."."
by fractal dweller November 21, 2010
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