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to be such a state where you tend to repeat the phrases "you know what?", "hello..." and "okay." you also tend to smell of cheap liquor and hookers all while slamming objects around in the kitchen as your room mate sits in his room terrified explaning the fozzy behavior downstaris to little wifey.
"he dissapeared for two hours and came back all FOZZICATED. smelling like alcohol, asking the same questions over and over."

"he was really FOZZICATED last night , he smeared the chocolate cake all over his face while saying "okay" as loud as he could. Naturally I got no sleep."

"all of a sudden i was awoken by a huge bang downstairs and I knew he was FOZZICATED."

"he is always FOZZICATED, I would rather take my chances with I See You."
by Fozzy's Bitch August 06, 2008
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