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The white trash Pravda: a website owned by Rupert Murdoch's News Corp that selects and edits news items for their ability to get up the dander of ignorant white Americans. Stories featuring non-whites doing bad things to perceived American interests are common. The stories are often given incendiary headlines in the form of a question. There is a 'community' that comments on the items, typically by offering vituperative rhetoric. Comments that disagree with the editorial bent of Fox News or comments that contradict the shrill tone of the original story or its implications are often deleted.
Billy Bob: Look at this story at Foxnation, "Is This the Beginning of Sharia Law?"

Bubba: Only Foxnation and Fox tell you the truth about Obama and his socialist, fascist, Islamic, Kenyan plot to destroy America!

Billy Bob: That's right! But in 2010 with the Tea Party and Sarah Palin, we'll bring back real American values!
by outfoxxxing October 07, 2010
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