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The act of running across a city, town or campus from fountain to fountain, spending a few minutes wading and splashing. In order to be properly executed, great vigor and enthusiasm should be employed. Originating at California's Stanford University
Student 1: Why are you so wet?
Student 2: That's what she said!
Student 1: Seriously dude, what the fuck. You're dripping all over the place.
Student 2: That's what-
Student 1: I will take you the fuck out if you say that!
Student 2: OK. We went fountain hopping.
Student 1: A'ight, was it hella tight?
Student 2: Fo sho, it was wicked rad.
by Lagunita Love June 25, 2008
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The act of wading in a fountain, typically with the goal of being a rebellious degenerate. Activities often include shotgunning Keystone Light and smoking blunts, with great vigor. Originating from Stanford University
Let's go fountain hopping today, I'm tryna get fucked up
by fearthetree July 29, 2019
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