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A forehand/flick is a type of Frisbee throw commonly used in Ultimate Frisbee. Unlike the backhand throw, the flick is thrown from the outside of your body. When holding the disk, your thumb goes on top and your first two fingers go underneath. Hold your hand out like a gun when holding the disk so that your two fingers are facing your target. These fingers should be on the side of the disk so the rest of it is away from your body. When throwing the flick you must "flick" it with your wrist and with little arm movement. You can practice this by taking you less dominant hand and going behind your back to grab the upper arm of you dominant arm. This will restrict your arm movement and allow you to perfect this satisfying throw.

Note: Throw can go very far when done right.
Person1 "Throw me the disk, man!"
Person2 "Alright! I'll use a forehand/flick throw to reach you."
Person1 "Wow! That went really far."
by Spinners_Fan June 03, 2016
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