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When having a conversation, the flow may deviate into a foray on another topic, and then return. This is a foreebiation. To return from such a deviant topic is to foreebiate. The word originates from Mr. Tuling describing the return from a programmatic function in 68K assembly code. The code for this is "4eb8" (foreebiate).
We briefly deviated onto the topic of dinosaurs, but then foreebiated back onto the topic of reptiles in general.

"Please foreebiate before we lose sight of the bigger picture."

"Regina and I were foreebiating all night long. We just couldn't stay on the same train of thought!"

I was foreebiating so much this morning that I completely forgot to feed the cats.

After embarking on a deviation of epic proportion, the movie "Pulp Fiction" wraps everything up in an equally epic foreebiation.
by XaxioX September 25, 2010
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