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mostly teenagers who wear certain clothes and listen to a certain type of music and follow their team passionately
A football casual is someone who wears nice trainers and jeans and likes bands like oasis
by smithyfootballcasual November 10, 2013
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Casuals are people who copy 80's Football hooligans.They are Generly Sad low lifes who spend there benefits on expensive clothes.They are Basically Chavs But Wont admit it.The real football holigans died out in the early 2000's .Nowadays its teenagers who join 'youth Crews' who watch films such as greenstreet and they think there big.
Dezza:Or chris i got my new stone island jacket from my benefits.
Chris:esay ur looking smart Dazza!
Dezza:u comin to ur meet

Chris:yeah 40v40 (more like 4v4)
Dezza:yeh mate im a prpa football casual im tidy
by Lamp seat toilet November 04, 2010
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Usually 16-30 a foot ball casual goes to football games and usually ends up in fights.

They wear expensive clothes such as: Stone Island, CP Company, Aquasctutum,Fred Perry, Weekend Offender ect. And they wear adidas originals, new balances or diadora shoes
They listen to such music artists as: Oasis, The Stone Roses, The Courenteers, Jake Bugg ect.

They usually have a cockney accent and tend to swear a lot.
person 1: “ere mate I'm gonna get a stone island jacket for the game tomorrow then I'm gonna get a ruby murry, fucking sweet Init mate!"
Person 2: "ur a football casual mate."
by Adamharvey January 30, 2017
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