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a man over 30 who sniffs little girls bicycle seats
after little debbie rode to her grandmas house, her grandpa snuck out the backdoor to do his foof monger deeds.
by foofie3423 April 21, 2009
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The Foofmonger is considered a creature of the night, the origins of which are unknown. It is a malicious spirit said to consume the souls of its' victims. This creature is potentially other-worldly, but resides deep within the pits of hell. The age of this spirit can not be found in any history books or encyclopedias, but there are early traces of its existence dating back to mythological days where it was known by the name RJ. A beast of unspoken ferocity, perceived to be made of fear. This being is intangible, but its presence can be felt. When it rips the soul from its vessel, it is said to inherit that poor target's traits and skills. Researchers say it still exists to this day, within every shadow, every dark corner. It waits for anyone, or anything to sense it, and then it strikes. The feeling of having the soul ripped from the body is said to be similar to that of being set on fire, but surviving much longer, as the flesh does not actually burn. The brain is actually tricked into feeling the pain, so there is no way to soothe it. After the Foofmonger finishes its soul-stealing ritual, it devours the corpse. Nobody can determine the exact weapon or tool that the being uses, only that it is very efficient and precise. Scientists project the 'tool' it uses is similar to that of a snakes fangs, long hypodermic needles, but instead of injecting venom, it draws out the soul.Nothing more is known other than old tales of the treacherous beast known as, Foofmonger....
The Foofmonger is a gaming beast, none can even compare to his skill.
by I am... Foofmonger... June 09, 2011
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