A young person, usually between the ages of 16-30, who has a particular love for folk music and country lifestyle. Sometimes referred to as a less-mainstream hipster, this kind of youngster has a keen love for banjos and mandolin. Usually can be found reading Steinbeck, drinking Foster's beer, and smoking cheap cigarettes. The women tend to have a more boy-ish hipster style, but can also be found with worn out white Converse and an Adidas T-shirt with sleeves rolled up to the shoulder. Will probably be daunting a pixie cut of a flat color, or long, wavy un-brushed hair. Men can be found sporting facial hair from a little scruff to a full on mountain-man beard. Clothing is typically channeling a 1930's/Great Depression feel, with vests, paper boy caps, skinny pants, and a belt buckle. More urban folksters can also be seen wearing flannel shirts and Urban Outfitter V-necks. Music taste consists of that of Laura Marling, Johnny Flynn, Mumford & Sons, Noah & the Whale, The Apache Relay, etc... When asked, most folksters will say their favorite music genre is nu-folk.
Kid 1: Why are you playing a banjo, do you think you're some kind of hipster who loves musical instruments usually seen as red-neck?
Kid 2: No, I love folk music.
Kid 1: Oh, you're a folkster! My apologies.
by LittleLion January 23, 2012
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Folkster attributes: farm-ier hipster clothes. Flannel. Beekeeping. Brewing ginger beer or mead. Rooftop gardening. Music like Bonnie Prince Billy or William Elliot Whitmore or Woods. Returning to pre-industrial production methods. Localism. More urban and tech-savvy than your typical hippie, less likely to irrationally hate Starbucks. Knowing at least one person who has, since the beginning of the economic turmoil, packed it up from the city and moved to a farm/mountain town/California. Arthur magazine.
Elizabeth & Katie put on their overalls & flannel before tending to their new Folkster rooftop garden.
by jbls_ June 24, 2009
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a member of the FOLKS nation, or an affiliated gang
was up FOLKSTER...cuz folks is da realis muh ni66a
by folksta March 28, 2007
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