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A town in Delaware County that was a great place to grow up in the 80's. Where everybody knew each other and played sports everyday. When you got a hair cut you went to Bob the barbers and when you wanted some penny candy you went to Country made . You hung in Dairy Queen and First Run Video and fished down Montgomery Park.It was a great place to live , now all that's changed. Now its one the most ghetto fucked up towns in all of Delaware County. You can't take your kids outside without smelling weed and hearing profanity being used like its no big deal. No body takes care of their properties. Houses are going section 8. Kids don't play anymore. It's a disgrace to drive down Delmar drive and see Star Buy where Dr.Brook's office was and all the other fucked up ghetto ass stores . What the fuck happened to folcroft ? It's mighty dark in Folcroft now and it was never before. what a shame
Man I was driving through Folcroft today and i was like WTF......... when did this Star buy get here and all these Mullions.
by 1981sonn May 13, 2011
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