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Fodyaf Is a word derived from the acronime F.O.D.Y.A.F (Fuck Off Dickhead Your A Fuck) it can be a word to put some one down e.g. Ben, sometimes you can be a real fodyaf. Legend has it that there was three majestic men travelling through high school when they stumbled upon the acronime. Some say Khayman the minstrel told his majestic partner that he was a fuck, this insult later became popular slang in the three men's speech. However the first part of the acronime was stolen from the comedic lines of Carlos Barron from the land of straya.after many laughs over f.o.d it became a populous way of telling someone to piss off. After a long time of calling each other F.O.D.Y.A.F's it became less of an acronime and more of a word. A sure sign you have found a fodyaf is to shout out waddah, if someone turns around and replies with waddah you have found a fodyaf. In the latest cencus it was discovered that only 3 fodyaf's where alive in the world.
When someone acts in such a way that there not just a fuck there a fuck of dick head your a fuck or fodyaf for short
by Gelapoe November 11, 2013
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