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A phrase used to describe someone who is dressed painfully awkward, often to the point of inappropriateness, as frequently seen in "fobs" (a.k.a. "fresh off the boat," meaning recently arrived immigrants and/or foreign visitors.)
(True story: Two guys working out at a gym in NYC.)

Ravi (in disbelief): "That auntie's saari is stuck in the treadmill!"

Sandeep (amused): "And wearing sandals too! That's fobbed out."

(True story: An American and his fob cousin at the beach in Miami.)

Ali (dumbfounded): "What are you doing?? Aren't you going to change first?!"

Mehmet (chest high in the ocean in a long-sleeved shirt and jeans, happy as a clam): "I'm swimming, silly!" (as onlookers giggle.)

Ali (sighs with embarrassment and says under his breath): "So fobbed out."
by tamara1972 April 05, 2012
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