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In 1948 Fluvanna County was one of the few teams in Virginia that was playing high school football as the team finished the season with a 7-1-1 record. The 1949 Fluvanna County High School Yearbook, the Fluvannual, makes first reference to the nickname Flying Flucos. As written in the yearbook, "Our next game on November 12 was the pride of the 'Flying Flucos'. Rated as underdogs in this game between Fluvanna and Manchester, we racked up a touchdown, a safety, and an extra point, to edge them 9 - 6. This is the team, incidentally, that gave us the name, 'Flying Flucos.' " Prior to this game something was probably said or written about "The Flying Men of Flu.Co." (an attempt to abbreviate Fluvanna County) The students at Fluvanna County HS embraced 'Flying Flucos' and it has been the nickname ever since.

The first attempt to create a visual image of the Flying Flucos mascot was 'Mercury (mythology) Winged Sandals that appeared in the 1950's - 60's. The Winged sandals were said to be made of imperishable gold and they flew the gods as swift as any bird. The Old English script Flying 'F' with wings is now the Flying Fluco logo. Over the years many efforts to make a super hero type character the Flying Fluco mascot were attempted but all never gathered much support. Recently a caped 'Flucoman' mascot has appeared. The Flying Fluco nickname has twice made the ESPN list of Top High School nicknames in the country, once earning the #2 overall selection for 'most unique mascot'.2
The Flying Flucos nickname has been around since 1948.
by FlFlycFlying Flucos Alumni February 20, 2017
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