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A flying land squid is a mythological creature of epic preportions that travels in a pocket of pure oxygen giving it the apperence of "flying". it's origins are widely unknown but it is belived to be the work of two stoned highschool boys. One thing that can not be argued with is the sise of this fictionary giant, its tentical can be the length and thickness of up to three school busses! They have been known to, in an insane rage, tear the roof's off of schools devouring all in its path. Only one has ever been recorded and it is bealived to be imortal with no preditors or ways of killing it. These mamoths are so fierce and powerful that they are the only thing that legend CHUCK NORRIS is actualy afraid of.
"dude I was so baked last night i looked out of my window and i swear a flying land squid drifted by!"

"Dude no way! You to!"
by IWANTTOBELIVE January 07, 2010
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