The states people fly-over when flying from New York to California. They represent the Mid-West and Southern states which are deemed "redneck" states.

These states lack culture and are crawling with uneducated white trash. They tend to show contempt towards the coastal cities, mainly because their own ignorance and low-class lifestyles hold them back from reaching any educational or capitalistic achievements, and thus blame the coastal cities for their own demise. Tourists tend to avoid these states, as there is nothing to do there and they do no contribute to American culture, as do the east and west coasts.
John: People in fly-over states are stuck in their own hell. No Ivy League schools, no exciting cities, and awful weather.

Joe: Yeah, there's nothing to do there. God bless the coastal cities!
by abowlofsoup September 21, 2011
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Pertaining to the United States, specifically states that are unremarkable, undesirable places to live, be it because of its distant proximity to the coastal regions of the country, its lack of entertainment/geographical landmarks, or general lack of culture and diversity. People who travel within the states will “fly over” these states to get to their vacation destinations, hence the name.
“Hey bro, want to make a stopover in Missouri on our way to California? My cousin lives there.”
Hard pass dude, you wouldn’t catch me dead in that fly-over state
by DBS17 September 10, 2022
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