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Similar to a sourpuss, a flusterpuss is in a state of heightened anxiety but lacks the sour facial expressions. Usually brought on by prolonged exposure to cold winds, sleep deprivation, or missed meals, a flusterpuss is calmed by a steamy shower or hot cocoa. Lacking decisiveness, a flusterpuss may experience convulsions of pent up agitation or babble in noncommittal phrases. Words of caution: never ask a flusterpuss to make a decision.
While frantically searching for a jacket at H&M, Tracy violently shrugs off an ill-fitting coat and proceeds to almost fall over a stroller with a baby in it. When the garment finally releases her arms, she throws it onto the wrong rack out of frustration. Cat looks at her with concern, but mostly amusement, and says, “You are being a flusterpuss right now.” Tracy utters an incoherent sentence about how unbelievably cold it is in San Francisco. An hour later, armed with a new jacket and delicious pizza settling in her stomach, Tracy apologizes for her irrational behavior.
by electricblue72 September 08, 2009
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