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In different Genres of rap music, the act of freestyling and or preforming with a poetic verbalization.
Dr. Octagon
paramedic fetus of the East, with priest
I'm from the Church of the Operating Room
with the strike support, scalpels since the holocaust

I do indeed in greed explore, meet the patients
Back to brooms with the nurse with the voodoo curse

Holding up office lights, standing at huge heights
Back and forth, left wing swing to North
East and South with blood pouring down your mouth

I come prepared with the white suit and stethascope
Listen to your heartbeat, delete beep beep BEEP

Your insurance is high, but my price is cheap
Look at the land... Blue Flowers!


Man: Yo That Dr. Octagon shit is straight up Flowetical
by Aerek May 30, 2007
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