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Floorswamps are usually unwanted female visitors that cause a general discomfort for everyone in their surroundings, they have been known to cause sloppy drunk girl problems within a ten block radius of wherever they are. Floorswamps usually make their appearances when alcahol is involved; their mode of transportation is currently unknown but further research is being conducted.
Floorswamp is a new term used to identify things that include but are not limited to; a festering parasitic annoyance that has been known to cause health hazards and also leave unknown slimey substances on your beer cans.
Floorswamps are generally known to attempt to mate with the male that they have latched onto no matter how unwilling the innocent victim is the floorswamp will continue try over and over again to attack the male victims body and private areas with her razor sharp buck toothed slimey floorswamp mouth.
Our current research has led us to believe that this swampy disease infests the female somewhere inside the birth canal where the mother has the rare bacterial swampymicitus infection from sitting on the wrong dudes face.
Character 1: "Dude this girl was mad thirsty and was laying all over the floor of my apartment last night"
Character 2: "Damn bro sounds like a major floorswamp"
Character 1: "yea man she was mad swampy"
by Z. Pannata, C. Slark, Ronrad October 19, 2013
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