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the flirtzone is a zone where X only wants to flirt with Y w/out any relationship benefits or ever meeting Y. hoes and fuckboy 's are the rulers of this zone. they get a lot of those, "so when am i gonna get to see ya?" kinda texts. but they NEVER gonna meet you nor do they intend to... they just wanna FLIRT w/you. they usually the first to use words like "bae" "babe" "hun"

they can be spotted by the overuse of the monkey emojis, rainbow emojis, cat emojis, and/or any other useless emoji.

beware the flirtzone!
Girl One: This lame guy keeps texting me saying he wanna meet up Lol.
Girl Two: Lol, idiot. He doesnt even know he's in the flirtzone .
by @qrisskinnypants June 12, 2018
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