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Synonymous with Thirsty Thursday. Flip Night is a weekly event held by bars (usually on a Thursday) in which you have 50% opportunity to win a free drink by flipping a 2-sided coin. If the coin lands on the free side, then the drink is on the house. If it lands on the money side however, then you pay full price for it. This gathering is quite popular among college students, the main reason being the potential for an inexpensive drunk.
Jeremy: "Yo, bruh. Watchu gettin' into tonight? "
Marcus: "Mayne, it's Thursday and I ain't got shit to do. No classes tomorrow either."
Jeremy: "Word? Me too, man. I'm 'tryna get lit! Let's hit up flip night! "
Marcus: "Good plan."
by dsomervi October 14, 2016
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