When a group of males, commonly referred to as bros, has consensual sex with a girl consecutively one after another. Not to be confused with a threesome or gang bang. Successfully flipping a girl is bragged about and seen as a sign of masculinity of between young males.
Did you guys have Zoe over last weekend?!
Yea bro, we flipped her while her boyfriend waited out in the car.
Damn, I really want to flip a girl someday..
by nikswaggg October 6, 2011
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Flipping a girl is a very good thing for guys

If you can do this you are The Real MVP
To flip a girl is to make her do things she never said she would do like send nudes, give head,have sex,etc. But you have to be the first guy to do it to make it an official "flip"
The Main girls that get Flipped Are Virgins,Freshmans,& church girls

Make her go from a good girl to the freaky chick

These girls that get flipped are the the best ones after you flip them cause they will keep hitting you up cause your the one that showed them how to be a bad girl.
A great example of a girl that got flipped is Miley Cyrus
1. You're Not the real MVP unless you "Flip A Girl".
2. I met this virgin girl the other day...& I can't wait to "flip that girl" into a freaky chick.
2.I'm about to flip the "fuck out of this girl".
by EpicKidFresh January 30, 2015
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