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\ 'fla-vər-d 'dik 'bäks \ (noun)
Definition of FLAVORED DICK BOX:
1) In short, a prepped vagina. Flavored Dick Box status is achieved only after the vagina has been thoroughly cleaned, or "prepped", through means including but not limited to a shower and/or douching as well as shaving/waxing. Once the vagina is presentable for consumption a sweet confection such as a lollipop is then inserted into the vagina for upwards of 5 minutes, lending its "flavor" to the vagina, or "dick box."

a) Preparation is key for a favorable "Flavored Dick Box." Technically a "Flavored Dick Box" can be achieved, for example, by spending all day "street walking" or other similar activities albeit the inherent flavor will not be suitable for presentation nor consumption of by anyone. Instances such as these turn a "Flavored Dick Box" into a "Waiver'd Dick Box."
1) Becky straight up got Hell's Kitchen on the prep of her Flavored Dick Box on my birthday. I bet Gordon Ramsay himself wouldn't be able to get enough of it, I know I couldn't. The only way it could have gotten any better would have been if she had put a candle there for me to blow out before I dug in.

a) Damn, Alice tried to throw some Flavored Dick Box my way last night. She didnt know I saw her at the Frat part though, no way in hell I was getting anywhere near her Waiver'd Dick Box after that.
by garybeth December 02, 2010
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