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noun. someone who likes to masturbate while hiding in the shadows of large assembly areas e.g. under the bleachers during a school pep rally
Todd is always vanishing during concerts, WTF?

Err one know that bastard is a fuckin flankwanker
by cornfritter October 20, 2010
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Derived from the negative aspect of the "Radical Flank Effect", Flank Wankers are those who discredit their sociopolitical cause by being generally loud, obnoxious, and closed to discussion. Flank Wankers demean the cause by offending the general public and making it difficult for moderates to associate with the movement they represent.
"Man, #blacklivesmatter was going super strong till those Flank Wankers interrupted the Bernie Sanders rally up in Seattle."
by UND3AD_ELMO November 21, 2016
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