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a flabberfish is a yellow semi-aquatic animal

Its appearance varies depending on its needs

This animal can transmit 1000volts of electricity without causing harm to itself

It also has many abilities such as - the controll and use of lightning and c4 and random magic that can not be explained and random spontaneous explosions and it can fly because..... Fuck you ,thats why
It eats - c4 , your soul - can live off of drinks

If drinks - nitro glycerine - lucozade, monster,

Do not wake before 4pm and dont make it do work

Has been known to sleep 24+ hours at a time

*naps all the time

*can snowboard
*can rapidly change weight
*went on ZEN journey

*unexplainable derp
*night vision
*heat vision
*food vision

Unknown life span - infinite/ since da dinosaurs N shit

Born - Atlantis (the planet)

Feroxis(the galaxy)

Grutos(the sector)
the flabberfish pulled a 360 yy no-scope ladderstall
by flabberfish December 13, 2014
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