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1. A fizzy dick (often 'fizzy fuckin' dick coz alliteration) is when your dick is so hard - not necessarily because you're even aroused - that it actually feels painful, like your dick is a bottle of fizzy lemonade and it's about to burst open from the pressure. The usual cure for a fizzy dick is to open that fucking cap somewhere in private, pronto, and let all the foam spray out to release the pressure. Differs from blue balls in that the discomfort is localised in the trunk rather than the fruits.
2. When someone is getting over-excited about something to the point of it actually being obnoxious/needy, like they're metaphorically getting their fizzy dick out and waving it all around in your face and you're like 'fucking Hell, put it away!!'
"God damn, I have such a fizzy dick over Winona Ryder."
"Holy FUCK, calm your fizzy dick down! We're on our way soon, just give us a minute!"
by Der Kriegenator May 22, 2016
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