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"Curiosity killed the cat (but satisfaction brought her back)"; for one party to make a "safe haven" for human's natural curiosity to explore all sorts of disgusting, dangerous, devious and distructive things.
Possibly most examplified by television, which allows the viewer to witness and enjoy drama, crime, scandal, murder, sex, and a literal plethora of things they otherwise wouldn't dare enjoy because of social pressures not to "be that guy", laws enforcing the opposite, or general consumer laziness, as well as the unlikelyhood of ever being in that situation.
Because the viewer's natural curiosity is now satisfied, the "cat" of the old saying is "brought back" and can continue to be a normal, upstanding citizen.
My friend always watches those crimedramas on TV. I think she's just fixing her cat, I bet she'd steal something if she wasn't so afraid of police.
Those old people, they're always fixing the cat by watching soaps. They've been out of the dramacircit too long to have any real scandals.
by JesterM September 10, 2005
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