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A fishwife's chore is the sexual act of slitting open a straight wound in a females cheek with a sharp edged tool (a knife), as a male, and then proceeding to penetrate this wound with your erect penis until climax, for sexual pleasure.

This sexual act is most popularly thought to be no more than an urban legend, although it has a following amongst perverts and extreme fetishists who dabble in such materials as snuff videos and the like.
Person 1: OMG did you see that sick shit that I found on the internet? I forwarded it to you the other day...

Person 2: Oh that fishwifes chore thing? Fucking disgusting...he cut open her cheek and fucked it!

Person 1: He should be hung publically! Dirty bastard.
by Jace Jaxon August 10, 2009
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