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It’s what you typically add on Snapchat or any group chat of any social medium platform when you are in a match of any battle royale game. The funny thing is that no one who puts that up will ever be as good as my buddy Evan. Be careful because currently Evan only plays pubg but he is gonna tear cheeks up in paladins battle royale pretty soon. Anyone who says first win of the day following 4/21/18 is lying since Evan is the only one getting dubs.
First win of day was an inside job, and I bet everything i just said will be outdated but within 3 years. “Oh no way Evan won again using only 8x scope and no gun.” Other dude- “woah totally tubular considering the player base is already on its last legs.”

How many times do I have to rewrite this damn thing in order to get approved
First win of the day is good and that’s how it is defined will this be approved now
by Mc Lil Fookie Bookster May 28, 2018
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