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When a lesbian approaches two men at a party and ask them if they like to be anally penetrated by a lesbian with a strap on dildo. When one of the men agree to this and she takes them to a room. After the lesbian straps on her dildo, she violates on of the men anally. After she pulls out she tells the friend to lick her strap on clean for her. The friend obliges and after this the leftover feces creates a ring around his mouth....much like a clown has.
Hey boys? How would you like a filthy quintana?
What is a filthy quintana?
Well my strap on you two and a lot of anal penitration, wink wink!
Hmmmmm we are in girl!
Bang bang bang.......... "now lick it clean boy!"
Other dude "you have a ring of shit on your face!"
The girl "that's a filthy quintana baby! Now its your turn!" Wink wink!
by doc d August 21, 2013
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