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one of your younger cousins who you have enslaved for the sole reason that you are their elder. generally, a fiendbot is a close friend and companion, but the owner of the fiendbot is known to physically abuse or verbally scold the fiendbot when the fiendbot disobeys or takes too long completing the task at hand. a fiendbot is very fun to be around when he or she is behaving properly and in an orderly manner. although fiendbots are generally lazy and lead sedentary lives playing video games, they can be taught to work harder than any other creature north of the mexican border.
EX. #1
elder: "fiendbot?!? i need 2 sheets of toilet paper! my nose is running. go!"

fiendbot: "**loud, gay screaming and runs away**"

EX. #2
elder: "fiendbot! let's play whaleball!"

fiendbot: "**loud, gay screaming and runs outside**"
by eRRoR_504 January 13, 2010
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