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A man with the last name of "Fergiani" has probably done the following before age 15:
-Smoked Weed
-Had Sex
-Made other men say "I wanna be that guy"
-Made women say "I wanna fuck that guy until he begs me to stop"

The list goes on. As you can see, being a Fergiani takes alot of skill & effort. So don't you dare ever think otherwise. Next time you see someone hitting their wife, ask em, "What is your last name, sir?" If they reply "Fergiani" You know, they have their reasons.
Bill: Oh, hey there Mr. Fergiani! How was your day today?
Fergiani: *Takes out a doobie & hands it to Bill* My day was fine, Bill. Pretty sure yours will be too.
Bill: Ghee thanks Mr Fergiani! I'll treat this Doobie with the utmost respect!
Fergiani: Yeah? Start by calling it a "Doobié".
Bill: Doobee, -Doobii, -Doobié! I did it! Doobié right? *Cough*
Fergiani: Heh, that's right kiddo, you just need to sharpen up on your inhaling, then one day, people may even be calling you Fergiani. Eh? Who am I kidding? You'll never be a Fergiani!
Bill: *Laughing* Ha! Nice one Mr!
Etc. Etc.
by Dr. Dissident March 09, 2014
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