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Femsogyny - the hatred, contempt for, or prejudice against men or boys. Femsogyny can be manifested in numerous ways, including social exclusion, sex discrimination, hostility, gynocentris, matriarchy, female privilege, belittling of men, violence against men and sexual objectification. Femsogyny can occasionally be found within sacred texts of religions and mythologies and various influential public figures and thinkers shall be defined as Femsogynists!!!
That bitch is such a Femsogynist, she thinks all men are the same..without regard to their personal experience. That Femsogynist, takes out her animosity on all men, instead of the one that caused the issue in the first place! Femsogynist the female counterpart to the Mysogynist, they appear to be working in unison by creating the exact opposite of each other while simultaneously damaging those around them with their own ideas of the world!!! Just my opinion though...Daniel Rykalski.
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by Dynamo-aka-Daniel Rykalski December 31, 2016
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