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This is a fetish for a woman's dump, crap, excrement, whatever you want to call it. The man (or woman, if she is lesbian or bisexual) with the fetish will fondle, consume or merely keep the crap as part of this very creepy fetish. This is used for arousal.
A good example of this would be 2 Girls 1 Cup. The use of femme-crap fetishism is very alive in this video. It's arguably one of the least common fetishes.
"yo dude, does that girl you like know about your femme-crap fetish?"

"WTF, don't remind me. She caught me eating turds out of the port-a-potty after her..."

Billy has a femme-crap fetish that he acquired from watching 2 Girls 1 Cup over and over for hours.
by Y35S5S! August 27, 2009
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