A feminine boy is a boy who processes emotion or acts in a way that is considered to be feminine to modern society.

A feminine boy as essentially someone with a male body, but with the mind of a normal female. Which means that they are more usually one or more of the following: nurturing, less aggressive, passive, submissive, cooperative, emotional, empathetic.

Oftentimes, feminine boys are also externally feminine with traits like: shorter stature, skinnier body, less muscle mass, higher voice, soft skin, thinner eyebrows, less body hair.

The tendency to be a feminine boy is unrelated to sexual orientation or the gender identity. That means that a feminine boy may be gay, straight or bi, and at the same time, they could be either identifying as male, female, neither, or fluid. This also means that not all feminine boys are transsexual or transvestite.

Some feminine boys like to dress in more feminine clothing. This tendency is also independent of gender identity or orientation.

Feminine boys who identify as male are non-gender conforming because they do not match the stereotypical male gender role.

Similar to a femboy, but referring more to the inward feminine tendency.

Not to be confused with the trap, which refers to boys who look almost indistinguishable to girls.

Antonym: masculine boy
A: What a pretty, feminine boy!

A: Bro, do you think he's gay?
B: Nah, he's just a feminine boy, but he's straight.
by angel_bee August 18, 2017
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