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In dating, feeling out the vibes is a sort of ephumisium greedy people use for being a sugar baby when they’re to afraid to admit they are. To this end, they aren’t looking for anything romantic or physical, just someone to pay for their concert ticket or dinner under the guise of a real date. If there really was the possiblity of romance then they would just say they’re looking to date, they wouldn’t have supplanted it with an ostensibly ambiguous term.
Jenny: Hey Amber how did you get that guy to buy you a concert ticket without actually dating him whilst not looking like a sugababy or a greedy Ho.
Amber: it’s simple, I confused him by saying “I’m just trying to feel out the vibes”, it sounds like we’re dating but if he asked me why I didn’t see anything romantic I could easily tell him “I never said we were dating, just feeling out the vibes”...The Great thing is by the time he asks we’ll have already gone to the concert! hehe.
by leerinabox January 05, 2019
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A celebrity free pass is an agreement between you and your significant other that if you meet said celebrity and there is an opportunity to sleep with them, your partner cannot get mad at you for doing so because you had agreed before hand that this person was your celebrity free pass. It is ideal if both of you in the relationship choose a celebrity free pass so that the playing field is even.
Julia met Drake at a bar, and hooked up with him, knowing that her significant other could not be mad at her, because Drake was her celebrity free pass.
by gingerale011 March 25, 2011
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