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1. An expression of absolute frustration; to abandon a situation in anger; to retreat.
2. A response after a volley of insults; similar to the usage of naace guy; to shirk an insult.
3. An Overreaction; an exaggerated reply to the simplest of insults; characteristic of highly emotionally strung people

Origin: Breeze's Air Cadet phase in yr9. After coming down from the tuckshop, he made a sad joke which was quickly cut down; Then he just then flipped.
Definition 1:
B: <-Insert Sad Joke ->
B: Feeck ye, feeck all of ye!
Definition 2:
<-Insert Sad Joke->
Dude: Urh shit...
Guy: you Disgruce...
Man: yeah Fureak...
Bloke: eh, Feeck ye, feeck all of ye.
Defintion 3:
Breeze: Feeck ye, Feeck all of ye!
Andrew: *Pause* Yo Prav, what yo' say to him dawg?
Prav: I dunno bro, he mumbled something about 'virility' and then just flipped!
A: Bummer...pass us the gameboy.
by Blackstump November 17, 2003
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