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When one's testes are dimpled and slightly flattened at the edges, in the manner of a fedora. Extremely painful to experience, but women will treat you like a man with a puppy. See fedorable
Sally opened the car door on John's nuts so fast, that he found himself laying on sidewalk with throbbing fedoraballs. As John lay writhing on the ground, it wasn't 15 seconds before he was surrounded with a bevy of dames pinching him affectionately on the scrotum and taint. They were all luxuriating in it's silky texture, and sweet musky scent, cooing to it as one would a baby, or a weaned pup.
Sally stood to the side, hands on hips. "Golly, that John is surrounded by gorgeous gals. I don't like this at all! Not one iota! By my stars and garters, I'll never smash him in the nuts again. I'll say, those ladies are uncomfortably close to his dick!"
John was groaning simultaneously in pain and pleasure, for he was by now fully unfurled.
Sally shooed the girls away, and they protested loudly,"Hey, what's the big idea?""There's enough to go around, Sister!""Hey, Buzz off! You've got a lotta moxie." "Why I oughta...""See here, you silly broad!"
by Vidal Sassoon January 23, 2008
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