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a group of irrational, often vindictive pseudo-intellectual autists, spewing childish, self righteous, idealistic, and often ill informed non-sense about topics they understand little to nothing about. There is often not immediate thought put into the argument, and it will often be in support of who or whatever the perceived underdog is.
GUY 1: "Trying an 89 year old Nazi isn't about 'justice', it's about constantly reminding Europeans of the Holocaust, guilting them into thinking that they owe the Jews (and other minorities) something. Instead of looking at the Holocaust through the lense of Judeo-Christian ethics, we should look at this through the lense of the pagan European ethics. I seriously doubt our pagan ancestors would have been so guilted by this. They might've even celebrated the removal of these foreign, destabilising invaders."

GUY 2: Oh sh*t, there's a fedora party going on in this thread.
by adman86 June 22, 2014
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