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Fazrinna is a sweet girl which will melt a lot of people..all people definitely will love fazrinna and always want to be around with fazrinna.she is very beatiful from inside and outside..she is an easy-going girl but sometimes can be quite too..she is a very good listener and also a good advicer..she can make people feel appreciated when being around with her..she has a very sweet smile and she will always smile to anyone..she is a positive girl..this will definitely be a better place if there are a lot of fazrinna😊
Girl 1:who is that?

Girl 2:she is fazrinna
Girl 3:oh my godddd!!!!let's talk to her..

Boy 1:who is that beautiful girl? She made my heart melt..I can't keep my eye off her..
Boy 2:yeah..I feel it too..😍😍
by My way of thoughts December 25, 2017
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