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a guy trying to look like a bro but failing desperately. does not look or act anything like an actual bro.

refer to the definition of bro for the exact characteristics..
Aw, Madison's little boyfriend is a fauxbro.
by brookkedarrian August 10, 2009
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A non-Black dude who tries to act Black.
A faux bro is similar to a wigga, but can be different. Example: A White dude acting like a Black dude can be called either a faux bro or a wigga. However, a wigga is ALWAYS a White person, male or female. A faux bro can be of any race, but is always a dude.
by Mo Fro Bro January 01, 2007
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A term developed by Callie Rice to describe non-dank bros who dress up as bros and bro hoes to take a picture, or laugh. These people do not really DGAF (Don't give a Fuck), but enjoy mocking the people in their community that are ignorant enough to.
"Last night my best friend and I wrote DGAF on our knuckles, put on SRH shirts, lots of eyeliner and bronzer to faux bro for our picture"
by CallieRiz December 23, 2007
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A "bro" who really isn't a "bro" after all. Deep down they're actually nice guys with good qualities.
Chris (seen doing a keg stand at a local party) volunteers during the week at a soup kitchen and has a 4.0 GPA. He's a faux bro. He also doesn't really want to be at that party - he just feels like he HAS to.
by Jennifrog June 25, 2013
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