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Fake Toblerone; store re-branding of Toblerone clones (Toblerclones). It's swiss chocolate with honey and nougat meant to emulate Toblerone, but instead of the patented triangular shape, it comes in a funky Trapezoid shape whose corners still hurt the rectum when taken as a suppository.

Whether President's Choice brand, Life brand, Governor's Choice, or whoever else sells it under their own brand, it's all made by the same company.

Previously known as Toblerclone, the trendier "Fauxblerone" is more common in modern hipster parlance.
"My god, how much of that chocolate are you going to shove down your rectum?"

"Relax man, it's Fauxblerone. It's cheap! 50% off all Christmas chocolate at Superstore, man."
by Dicklechips March 07, 2010
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