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A male who referes to himself repeatedly as a nice guy, but his actions prove this to be false. A guy may be a faux nice guy if one of the following symptoms show.

1. He repeatedly mentions his nice guy status at every possible chance either online, via texts, or face-to-face or all three.

2. He gets upset and defensive if someone questions his nice guy status and his current behavior. Usually by bringing the converstation back to the accuser in a vicous way.

3. He talks about girls politely, then talks about them in a very scandelous way.

4. He is a closet man whore or player.

5. He is a closet douchebag.

6. He believes that he is more righteous or of better moral standings than the rest of his friends and the world.

7. Is an avid worshipper and watcher of Jersey Shore and takes notes hoping that one day he will be the next Situation. (Not Vinny or DJ Pauly D that would be just regular douchebag behavior).
Jenna thought her best friend was great, he used to be sweet and kind, he even use to listen to her. Alas, it turned out that he was a faux nice guy when he showed up with Season 2 and 3 of Jersey Shore.
by 0akward_penguin0 January 14, 2012
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