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A term used to describe a girl who attempts to hide her facial misfortunes (ugly face) with facial piercings (a monroe piercing, a nose ring, and lip rings), heavy makeup and mascara, dyed or colored hair, and big sunglasses. Also called "the Paris Hilton look".
Look at that faux hot bitch trying to look good, she's a mess.
by Tyrannus Maximus October 30, 2006
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a girl who wears a ton of make up to cover up her flaws, big sunglasses, pierces her face all over with things like septum piercings and monroe studs in order to make herself seem cooler.
dyes her hair different colors, usually two toned
an ugly scene girl.
otherwise known as the paris hilton type.
Me: faux hot bitches LOLSSS like abigail illiterate™, kiki kannibal, paris hilton>!?!!?#@^$#^*
by LOLS<3 ILY May 22, 2007
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